All-in-one Sales Software Created by Sales Leaders

Beyond and above any B2B sales mobile ordering platform

We have created Intelisale with largest B2B wholesale and distribution companies in mind. Intelisale solution has all the power you need to reshape your sales strategy and become digitally driven. It is not just your sales team that gets empowered, but also your pricing, customer service, operations, IT, marketing and finance working as one.

Why Intelisale

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Created By Sales Leaders For Sales Leaders

Cross-platform all-in-one solution

ERP and back-office integration

Adapting to your needs with high customization

Powerful reporting and customer insights

Solution that can think for you

POWERED BY AI – Machine learning processes are constantly being fed by all the company’s historical data as well as all the data created from minute to minute. Intelisale uses this big data to guide you and improve your results in any possible way – when selling, when talking to customers, when reporting and planning.

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Proven results from leading B2B
wholesalers and distributors

Improving individual sales performance

Increase in average # of products sold

Improving overall sales

Increase in average # of product lines sold

Increase in average # of clients per sales rep

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