Artificial Intelligence

Meet the core of Intelisale platform. AI powered B2B sales ordering tool - the future of sales.

How can AI support your everyday sales activities?

AI is becoming the driving force behind most advanced solutions, no matter the field. This is why the Intelisale platform is built on top of AI processes and elements, especially ones focused on decision making. Our mission is to drive your organization forward in every sense by transforming your field sales teams into superheroes.

What the intelligent part of Intelisale solution is able to do for you:

Organize your sales reps’ field trip by choosing the best route via Intelligent Route Planning.

Track and report on individual and overall sales performance

Guide your sales rep through the sales sessions and boost performance with Smart recommendations, Customer Insights and various reports.

Automatically and instantly create customer-specific Product Catalogue based on various data points

Perfect fit for B2B wholesalers and manufacturers with large # of SKUs

The bigger the better. The more data you have in your ERP systems, the more powerful Intelisale solution is and the more effective you will be in improving your sales performance.

Shorten the learning curve from months to days for every sales rep

Help recognize additional products to be sold to specific customers

Optimize the ordering process from days to minutes

Consolidate and streamline different business processes under one solution

How will AI powered sales solutions affect your overall business?

It’s not just about dazzling your customers with a digital catalogue, it’s about beating your targets

Improve individual sales performance

Increase in average # of products sold

Improving overall sales

Increase in average # of product lines sold

Increase in average # of clients per sales rep

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