B2B Sales Solution to Improve Productivity

Trusted by the world’s largest wholesalers and distributors

Solution that can think, automate, guide and drastically improve your sales reps' productivity. On mobile. Behind a desk.

Intelisale brings all your B2B sales activities into one place - Intelligent mobile order taking, sales route planning, CRM, Smart product catalogue, mobile order management tool, advanced customer analytics and real-time reporting.

Artificial intelligence (AI) as a driving force for sales - all powerful functionalities of Intelisale Solution are based on AI helping every B2B sales team meet their quota and improve performance by 100%. It harnesses big data to connect all crucial company know-how under one solution and improve overall performance.

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Intelisale Products

Cross-platform Sales App

Client-centric, cross-platform B2B sales tool running on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet) or web browser. It enables sales representatives to plan, suggest, organize, make instant orders and track personal and organization’s goals. It is created to support both field sales reps and sales reps taking orders behind a desk.

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Intelligent Route Planning

Advanced sales-route planning module with built in GPS is an integrated part of Intelisale Cross-Platform Sales App. This module has multiple features and uses AI and big data to suggest the fastest driving route, visiting frequency as well as visit duration.

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Web Management Portal

It speeds up and simplifies the entire order management process and brings real-time insights to sales team leaders. It allows sales managers to instantly approve or disapprove orders, customize offers, track individual or overall goals and get deep insights based on advanced reporting options.

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