Sales Managers

Powerful Omnichannel B2B sales solution created by sales professionals for sales professionals

Sales managers reasons why

Get data driven decisions based on real-time deep customer insights and reports

Outperform your every single goal with a motivated team and real time data

Monitor individual and overall sales performance in real time - from a customer visit to overall results

Turn every sales rep into a superhero - boosting individual performance up to 100% and overall performance by 30%

Diminish the learning curve to days instead of months or even years

Motivate and set the team for victory with gamification functionalities

Set your team on the path to victory with intelligent functionalities and flexible customization

Manage roles and sales across teams, territories, industries and other group types

Set goals to each sales or sales groups

Set and manage pricing options and pricing ranges

Manage and customize reports based on timestamp, team, customers, industry, territory…

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