Construction, Mining and Maintenance

Omnichannel Sales Solution for Wholesale in Construction and Industrial materials. From Ordering App to eCommerce Platform.

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Automate and Simplify Sales Ordering and enable eCommerce within a single platform

Get intelligence to Help your sales teams be more productive in field sales with entire company know-how in one single app.

Deep customization options of Intelisale solution are available to feed your exact needs.

Hundredths of different products are not a challenge anymore, they are an opportunity for every sales rep.

Intelligent Product catalogue created automatically for every specific client.

Sales Route planning module with advanced features as a standard functionality.

Setup and run eCommerce for your business or end users within weeks.

Intelligent B2B Omni-channel Sales Solution made for Wholesale in Construction and Industrial materials

Intelisale Omnichannel Sales Solution can drastically improve your sales productivity. On mobile. On the field. Online. Behind a desk. You can choose all or single products like Ordering App, Route Planning, powerful eCommerce option and advanced BI reporting tools.

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Improve individual and overall productivity by 30%

Shorten the learning curve among sellers from months to days

Improve different organization's processes with single solution

Step into digital first field sales and forget about paper orders

Intelisale Integration Options to Power Your Business

You can choose between the Intelisale powerful API, database integration option or simple product uploads to start using our products. Our solution is made flexible to meet your every need and integrate with ERP or CRM no matter the brand or type.

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