All intelligence in one solution

Bringing 30% productivity growth to leading wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers

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AI based B2B omni-channel sales solution that turns any team into a power force

Sales Reps most precious tool, under their fingertips

Cross-Platform Sales App (for sales reps)

App that runs on any mobile, tablet or web browser. Enables sales representatives to plan, suggest, organize, make instant orders and track personal and organizational goals.

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Fully automated sales route planning

Intelligent Route Planning (for sales reps)

Advanced sales route planning module with build in GPS is an integrated part of Intelisale Cross-Platform Sales App.

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Approve orders, customize offers, set sales goals and get reports instantly

Web Management Portal (for customer service and sales managers)

It speeds up and simplifies the entire order management process from approving orders, customizing offers to advanced reporting options.

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Intelligence for Your Sales Reps, Productivity Booster for Your Company

Cut costs and shorten the learning curve for your sales reps

Proven 30% overall company productivity growth

Proven 100% individual productivity growth

Multiple tools in one solution powered by Artificial Intelligence

Make sales a breeze even with entire company’s know-how under a fingertip

“Intelisale solution has been an amazing productivity booster for our field sales teams as well as our entire organization. In just a few months we saw ROI with huge spikes in productivity and revenue growth. It’s not just a mobile ordering tool, it includes BI features so powerful that we are now able to see data and market insights that will ensure our leadership positions for years. “

Aleksandar Grgić

General Manager, Wurth Serbia

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